Archangel Leadership Training

Social Innovators & Healers

Create your life's legend out of your greatest suffering.

Transform your anger, frustration, trauma & any challenges into victory & results.

Be a creator of miracles

Not only will you attract miracles but you will be creating miracles for others.

Active support

Training, accountability & a whole new life. 

Advanced leadership


Part 1 - Learning, Practicing & Your Mission

  1. The principles of the Golden Age
  2. Extraordinary communication & coaching skills 
  3. Immediate relaxation techniques
  4. Opening to channel
  5. Mapping out your soul group & discovering your role in it
  6. Channeling your personal soul mission
  7. Earth Magic rituals 
  8. Sharpening your psychic abilities  
  9. Programming your aura 
  10. Cord cutting ritual
  11. Working with shadow - understanding  the demons & dragons
  12. Using the powers in your hands 
  13. Reiki attunement - Level 1,2 or Masters
  14. Designing your own rituals
  15. Crystals and the rays of healing
  16. Starting case studies - completing 3 during the course

Part 2 - Ceremony

  1. Creating your field of power.
  2. Initiating self trance to vision quest and remember your soul's mission fully. 
  3. Wisdom sharing circle & practicing your extra-ordinary abilities.

Part 3 - Online Video Training

  1. The ethics of being a healer & coach. 
  2. Setting yourself up as a thriving entrepreneur. 
  3. Discovering your worth.
  4. Meditation & exercises to release self-doubt.
  5. Living your mission daily. 
  6. Creating rituals to stay focused.

Part 4 - Ceremony

  1. Invoking guardians & guides.
  2. Journeying with golden dragons. 
  3. Channeling your next action steps in your mission.
  4.  Discovering your spiritual name.
  5. Integrating & solidifying your spiritual body. 
  6. Establishing the rituals of your new life. 
  7. Practicing your abilities with confidence at mastery level.
  8. 21 day commitment. 

Part 5 - Completion Certificate

1. Submitting a written or video declaration of your mission & all your capabilities.

3. Submitting your case studies.
4. Receiving your certificate. 

5. Completion ceremony & celebration. 


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