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Chosen for the Phenomenal Global Woman show, book & conference produced in Hollywood, Keidi passionately channels the truth of compassion.  



 Professionally trained master practioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Life coaching, Nutrition, Reiki, Divine Healing Hands & Spiritual Mediumship. 

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Tell me. 

What's going on?  

Where would you like to be?

How would you like to feel?

A hand of light.

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I will hear your needs & everything you don't even know you need. 

I will then create a supportive journey for your optimal happiness & health.

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The work of Keidi


"Keidi took the time to build rapport by asking many questions and taking a genuine interest in me. She was most attentive to my pain points and addressed them thoroughly and appropriately. "   - Lynn