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Chosen as an ambassador for the Phenomenal Global Woman show, book & conference produced in Hollywood, Keidi passionately channels the truth of compassion.  

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Achieve work-life balance & success. Professionally trained master practioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Life coaching, Nutritional Therapy, Reiki, Divine Healing Hands & Spiritual Mediumship. 

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How does Keidi Work ?

Individuals & Groups

I begin by invoking one's personal blueprint for optimal functioning. This includes thriving relationships, financial security, overall mental clarity and any personal requests. I address genealogy of family history and one's significant emotional events through Time Line analysis and therapy. After assessing beliefs and limits of the body tissue and mental field, I invite physical movements, deep guided breaths and positive new thoughts through hypnotherapy and coaching. The neurology of the body & mental field are designed to evolve and I honor this intelligence by asking questions that open the mind to the best possible outcomes. 

Results from clients

1. Advances in career, new partnerships and fast excelling status in her field.

 2. Feeling deep sense of trust and ease with my love-life. 

3. A massive influx of energizing and inspiring friendships.

 3. An influx of exciting new colleagues and professional relationships.

 4. A new relationship to writing practice that is fruitful and enjoyable.

 - Hannah

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The work of Keidi


"Keidi took the time to build rapport by asking many questions and taking a genuine interest in me. She was most attentive to my pain points and addressed them thoroughly and appropriately. "   - Lynn


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