12 Weeks of discovering PASSION!

Results & Benefits

As an executive coach, Keidi brings greater awareness by keeping a pulse on your emotional well-being first of all. As you find centre, you'll be guided into seeing your steps forward very clearly. You can expect to find a flow of optimal efficiency as you gain control of your mind & emotions.

Stay consistently in your magic zone!

Break out of stagnation.  Complete ancient struggles. 

Be fully supported & have accountability to your goals.

Receive strategies for maintaining states of excellence.
Come into your full power over & over again.
Magnetize your ideal life.
Find sustainable joy.
Grow with creativity.


The Program

6 private sessions with Keidi that include Executive life coaching to implement ideas, including Hypnotherapy, Neural Re-wiring & spiritual blessings to make it all gracefully possible.


12  MASTERCLASSES recorded.  Inspirational messages & techniques for a mindset wired for gratitude, freedom & SUCCESS.              

Access to Keidi via email & private group message with bonus support, blessings, energy readings, and exercises to generate yourself

It all begins with a life analysis & immediate power coaching. 

Settle into the program & be coached towards your visions and goals. Keidi works directly with you!

Value of $5000

NOW accessible at $2500.

You can expect to see exponential growth in wealth & lifetime goals. 

Payment plan is possible.

Powerful Actions


Specific weekly exercises & rituals that help you expand your comfort zones.
This is where we dive deeper into your unique skills. 

Exercises to help you release any dis-ease & manifest supernatural health.
Grow in big strides!

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