Who is Keidi?


Extensive learning, training & working with amazing teachers  & instituitions: 

Master practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Life Therapy, Life & Executive coaching - Creatrix Transformation Solutions with Dr. Kim Redman 

Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher - Bhakti Yoga
Head Self Expression & Leadership Coach - Landmark Education
Level 3 Leadership training -
Global Information Network
Food & Nutrition BASc -
Ryerson University
Reiki Master -
Masters Suzie Young & Vanessa Ferraro. International Reiki Association
The Quick Pulse Quantum Healing Technique -
Jo Dunning
Divine Healing Hands -
Master Sha

Complimentary Therapy Provider - Hospice Toronto
+ 10 000 hrs of educational online trainings, retreats & self learning

Youth programs facilitator - [ Big Brothers, Big Sisters ] [ Flying Unlimited ]
Conscious Events organization - [ The Healing Sanctuary ]  [ Rise up ] [ Solstice Gathering ] [ Albanian Canadian Excellence ] [ Soul Movement ] [ Soberlicious ]

Global Woman Speaker

As an awakened Priestess, social innovator & healer Keidi collaborates with artists, leaders and peacemakers for big events, workshops, retreats, ceremonies & festivals. More intimately, Keidi works one-on-one and hosts ceremonies where people self-actualize themselves as ascended masters of exceptional service to the harmonious sustainability of planet Earth. Everything is done with the intention to increase beauty on Earth.  

The awakening...

Many years spent exploring, stumbling, raging with anger and fighting with life. What she really wanted most was to dance & be happy in peace or get off this chaotic planet. But her soul just wouldn't let her jump off the balcony.

Meditation, teachers, relationships, spiritual communities, nature and finally a mentor that broke through her ego and asked her soul


The visions.

They came all of a sudden and filled her with ecstasy.

The new Earth.

Thriving green & sustainable cities. Lush gardens of flowers, fruits & vegetables & big monarch butterflies. Festivals of exquisite music, smiling faces, soft caresses & dancing like liquid sunshine. Feasts of succulent flavours & fragrances. Paradise on Earth. And her hands radiating light & shifting the matrix to resonate harmony. 

Great news!!

Planet Earth is Heavenly. 

Let's play.

Check out events she is facilitating & supporting.

As an Ascension guide, Keidi will channel visions to activate your next steps.